Did you know...

  • Despite the common rumor that Sudoku was invented in Japan, it was actually first created and published in America.

  • The modern-style Sudoku was invented by Howard Garns in 1979.  It was published in Dell Puzzles magazine.

  • Garnes was an architect who lived in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • Garnes' original sudoku puzzles were originally called "Number Palace."

  • The Janpaese renamed Number Palace, calling it Su Doku in the mid-1980s.  It was a huge hit in Japan.

  • Garnes dies of Cancer in 1989.  He didn't live to see Sudoku become the international puzzle craze it is today.

  • Nikoli, a Japanese publisher whose specialty is puzzles, began printing Number Palace puzzles in 2004.  They renamed the puzzle Su Doku.

  • The words "Su Doku" means "single number" in Japanese.  It is short for a phrase that translates to "the digits must remain single."

  • In 2004, the first non-Japanese Su Doku puzzle was published in The Times, a British newspaper.  This sparked the beginning of the international sudoku craze.

  • The first American wewspaper to publish Sudoku puzzles was the The Conway Daily Sun of New Hampshire.

  • In June of 2008, an Australian court aborted a drug case drug case when they discovered that five out of the twelve jurors were playing sudoku.  The case cost over 1 million dollars, lasted 60 days, and over 105 witnesses had testified. After all of the, the forewoman and four other jurors admitted to playing sudoku in the jury box. (source: Sydney Morning Herald)

  • The most popular video game to feautre Sudoku is One of the most popular video games featuring Sudoku is a Nintendo DS game titled, Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!  The game has won awards for the implementation of Sudoku.  It features a touch-screen that recognizes numbers written with a stylus.  Over 8 million copies of this game have been sold worldwide.  Brain Age 2 also features Sudoku games.

  • There's  actually a Sudoku song, written and performed by Peter Levy.  Download it at:  Peter Levy's Website  Warning:  You'll have the song stuck in your head all day.

  • There was an interactive Sudoku television game show that premiered on Sky TV.

  • To promote the Sudoku TV show, Sky TV attempted to create the world's largest Sudoku puzzle.  It  measured 275 ft by 275 ft and was carved into a hillside.  But there was just one problem...  the puzzle actualy had almost 2,000 solutions, making it an invalid puzzle.  Now there is question as to whether the puzzle should really be given the title of "World's Largest Sudoku."

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